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As a Teaching Assistant Consultant at UC Davis, I prepared and co-facilitated workshops for over 1,000 UC Davis graduate student and postdoctoral instructors. These workshops are focused on their personal and professional development as instructors, and are designed to be interactive and useful to all experience levels and disciplines. In addition to this, I have done one-on-one consultations with several student and postdoctoral instructors including conducting mid-quarter interviews with their classes and video/presentation skills consultations.
  • Series: Teaching Assistant Orientation (September 2016)
    • Starting Out: Teaching Strategies for New Instructors
    • Planning Lessons for Student Success
    • Assessing and Grading Efficiently and Effectively
  • Series: Redefining Teaching: Student-Centered Strategies for Success (February 2016)
    • Cultivating a Positive Learning Environment in the Classroom
    • Fostering Student Motivation to Enhance Learning
  • Series: Fall Workshop Series (November 2015)
    • Diversity as an Asset to the Classroom
  • Series: Teaching Assistant Orientation (September 2015)
    • Yikes! I'm the TA!
    • Promoting Student Engagement and Participation
    • Assessing and Grading Efficiently and Effectively
Below is a clip of me teaching elementary band theory to the Fall 2015 Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry (124) class at UC Davis. Video credit: Eric Jensen
Student Evaluations
    At UC Davis:
  • Winter 2016, General Chemistry (2A). Instructor of Record: Tomoyuki Hayashi
  • Fall 2015, Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry (124A). Instructor of Record: Julia V. Zaikina
  • Fall 2013, General Chemistry (2A). Instructor of Record: Bryan Enderle
  • Spring 2013, General Chemistry (2B). Instructor of Record: Bryan Enderle
  • Winter 2013, General Chemistry (2A). Instructor of Record: Bryan Enderle
  • Fall 2012, General Chemistry, (2C). Instructor of Record: Andreas Toupadakis
Inside the Classroom
Sample Worksheets
Teaching Experience
As a Teaching Assistant in the UC Davis chemistry department, I was often responsible for leading discussion/recitation sections. In order to promote active learning in my discussion sections, I created worksheets for the students to work on partially with my guidance, and partially in groups amongst themselves. Below are some sample worksheets I created for select topics covered in General Chemistry (2ABC) classes.
Teaching Workshops Facilitated
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